Johan & Nystrom - Brazil Everaldo Cassandro Washed Filter 250g

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Brand: Johan & Nyström
EAN: 7350145731608
Country: Brazil
Varietal: Catucai 785
Processing: Washed
Package: 250gr, 100% BPA free - recyclable plastic - 07
Roasted for: Filter & OMNI
Altitude: 1100 m a s l
Roasting date: 24-04-24
Region: Espirito Santo
Producer: Sitio Cassandro farm
Roast level: light roast
Best Before: 24.10.24
Producer address: Lyftkransvägen 11 142 50 Skogås - Sweden

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Whole-bean specialty coffee  from Brazil  roasted by Johan & Nyström roastery from Sweden .  Light roast , perfect for filter coffee machines, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress, French Press and other pour-over brewing methods. You can expect taste of brown sugar and red fruits.

Everaldo Cassandro

This is a really exciting and unexpected Brazilian coffee! The coffee produced by Everaldo Cassandro on the family farm Sitio Cassandro in the region of Espirito Santo. It is a region that for many is quite new and it offers a different climate than what we're used to in Brazil. We like that the coffee is something other than the expected; more floral, lighter, fresher than what you normally see with coffee from Brazil.

The Farmer series 

Exceptional coffee starts at the origin. This is a tribute to the skilled and dedicated producers which we have a close relationship with. For this series, we purchase limited quantities of specific lots that really stand out when we taste them. It is with a lot of pride we highlight our producers and their incredible craftmanship through coffees in the Farmer series.