Johan & Nyström - Johan & Nystrom - Brazil Alto Alegre Natural Filter 250g

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Brand: Johan & Nyström
EAN: 7350145731615
Country: Brazil
Varietal: Tupi
Processing: Natural
Package: 250gr, 100% BPA free - recyclable plastic - 07
Roasted for: Filter & OMNI
Roasting date: 24-04-24
Region: Mogiana, Sao Paulo
Producer: Croce family
Roast level: light roast
Best Before: 24.10.24
Producer address: Lyftkransvägen 11 142 50 Skogås - Sweden

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Whole-bean specialty coffee from Brazil roasted by Johan & Nyström roastery from Sweden . Light roast , perfect for filter coffee machines, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress, French Press and other pour-over brewing methods. You can expect taste of milk chocolate, cherries, and blackberry.

Alto Alegre Community

The coffee is produced by a small association of coffee producers in the Alto Allegre in the Mogiano region, Sao Paulo. This place is like the heart of Brazil for us. It was one of the first areas that the Groce family started working with their Bob-O-Link project. The area is a valley situated at high altittude with natural water sources, and it truly is an amazing place for growing coffee, which we have seen proof of for more than 10 years now.

The Farmer series 

Exceptional coffee starts at the origin. This is a tribute to the skilled and dedicated producers which we have a close relationship with. For this series, we purchase limited quantities of specific lots that really stand out when we taste them. It is with a lot of pride we highlight our producers and their incredible craftmanship through coffees in the Farmer series.