How does the order process work?

1. Place your order / request for quotation

2. Receive your non-binding quotation including shipping costs

3. Add products from the optional products (optional step)

4. Confirm your quotation by signing it online

5. Receive a payment request 

6. Your payment has been received and will be confirmed in your account

7. Your order has been dispatched and  trac king information will be shared in your account

8. Your invoice will be available for download in your account 

9. You receive your package and check if everything is ok and without damage


We are often busy roasting, cupping coffees, training, teaching students, etc. So there could be delays in between the steps above. Please be patient.

If the shipping costs are to high and you do not wish to proceed please let us know or cancel/reject the quotation in your account so we don't keep products reserved for you. We do however encourage you to make an economical order so the shipping costs per item are acceptable.  Browse the site for Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Kitchen tools, Gifts & Merchandise, Spare parts, Filters, etc and/or team-up with coffee friends and make a joint order. 

If you are ordering for a company and want to pay afterwards by invoice let us know. 

We reccomend to use 2 factor euthentication for your account. In your account you will find your order information including serial numbers, lot numbers, history, payment information and invoices. Make sure to enter your VAT number for 0% VAT ICP orders inside the EU. For outside of EU orders VAT will be 0% automatically.

I did not receive a payment request yet?

We can be busy with cupping coffees, training and webshop orders. Please be patient. If your shipping costs have not yet been added to your quotation please wait with transfering money, it will not speed up your order as we will still need to receive the payment for shipping costs.


Retail pricing

Listed pricing includes VAT. Discounts are not accumulative so will not be applied on top of other discounts.   
Register for an account

Register to get acces to better prices, promotions, coupons, wishlist, order history, tracking, invoices, etc.   
Open a wholesale account

Please fill in the online form on the contact page, so that we can activate your account with wholesale pricing.    
Order online

Login to your account in order to view the products. You can continue shopping or checkout. You will also be able to view past orders in the My Account section.   
Pay for your order

Once you have checked out you will receive an automated email with the amount owing. Please make payment into our bank account the details of which will be in the email. We will send you an official tax invoice when payment is received and the goods are dispatched. If shipping costs are not yet included in your quotation please wait with your payment. 
You will find more information about payment here


It is possible to place a backorder for products that our out of stock. There is no guarantee that products will be back in stock. If a product is not available we will send you a refund. Freight charges apply for every new order.   
Place a pre-order

On occasion items will be out of stock. If you would like to place a pre-order, simply email us with your request. We will enter the pre-order manually and send you a proforma invoice. We will give you an estimate of when the goods will be available. We cannot guarantee a delivery time until the items are within our possession, however we will make every effort to keep you informed of expected delivery date. We will confirm the pre-order with you and request payment of the proforma invoice close to the time of availability. We will dispatch the goods once payment has cleared and the goods are available.   

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