Retail pricing:  Listed pricing includes VAT. Discounts are not accumulative so will not be applied on top of other discounts.  
Register for an account:  Register to get acces to better prices, promotions, coupons, wishlist, order history, etc.  
Open a wholesale account:  Please fill in the online form on the contact page, so that we can activate your account with wholesale pricing.   
Order online:  Login to your account in order to view the products. You can continue shopping or checkout. You will also be able to view past orders in the My Account section.  
Pay for your order:  Once you have checked out you will receive an automated email with the amount owing. Please make payment into our bank account the details of which will be in the email. We will send you an official tax invoice when payment is received and the goods are dispatched. If shipping costs are not yet included in your quotation please wait with your payment.  
Backorders:  It is possible to place a backorder for products that our out of stock. There is no guarantee that products will be back in stock. If a product is not available we will send you a refund. Freight charges apply for every new order.  
Place a pre-order:  On occasion items will be out of stock. If you would like to place a pre-order, simply email us with your request. We will enter the pre-order manually and send you a proforma invoice. We will give you an estimate of when the goods will be available. We cannot guarantee a delivery time until the items are within our possession, however we will make every effort to keep you informed of expected delivery date. We will confirm the pre-order with you and request payment of the proforma invoice close to the time of availability. We will dispatch the goods once payment has cleared and the goods are available.  
Shipping:  Orders are shipped from Amsterdam using Parcel or Freight services depending on the size, shipping volume and weight of the order. Orders will generally be  dispatched within two business days of payment being received. Expected delivery timeframes depend upon the destination and the selected shipment service. We reserve the right to adjust listed shipping rates for remote locations. Insured value of the shipment is always limited. Contact us if you require extra insurance.

Worldwide Shipping Quotation "free"?:   We will get you a quotation for free. This is a service for our international (B2B customers) We don't charge any service or administrative fees. The shipping itself is of course not free. That would make our products more expensive and the price less transparent. 

We believe it is more fair and transparent to charge you for shipping and payment fees separately. This allows us to keep our product prices low after all you are paying for everything “free” through higher product prices. Free shipping is a myth.

Tracking:  For parcel services, you will receive automated tracking advice once your order has been scanned at it's first depot rather than when it is dispatched. The tracking advice is sent to the email address connected to your account. We cannot always provide a tracking link for bulk freight services. Delays can happen. The sender does not have acces to extra tracking information.  

Delays Delivery to rural locations, delays due to customs clearance, or any delay outside our control may cause longer than usual delivery times.

Checking your order:  Once you have received your order please check the contents against the shipping note. If there are any discrepancies between the order or shipping note and the contents of the shipment, please notify us within 7 working days.  

Damage:  Once you notice damage to the shipping box or products inside the box please contact us immediately and take pictures and/or video of:

- the shipping box with the shipping label visible 
- the packaging material 
- the products in their product packaging 
- the products with the damage visible 

This is extremely important as shipping companies have very stringent terms on refunding damaged goods.

Guarantee:  When you have an issue with your product contact us to validate if this could be covered by the (manufacturer) guarantee and we will instruct you further. The buyer is responsible for shipping charges. We will either repair your product, send a replacement, apply a discount or refund. Our guarantee policy complies with EU legislation and we apply the same policy towards customers outside of the EU however it does not apply to electrical products for usage outside of the EU as d ifferent countries have different electrical systems, with different voltage and frequency.  The guarantee period is two years for most products.

Normal wear and tear or damage caused during usage that doesn't comply with the product instructions does NOT fall under guarantee. For products that have an expiry date  the guarantee is void after expiration. 

Customs & taxes:    When ordering from outside of the EU you will pay ex vat prices. The postal service (or UPS, DHL, etc) will import the product for you and charge an administrative fee. Custom tariffs and VAT are different for each country. You should check with your government. Usually companies can claim back the VAT the pay on import. Due to administrative fees per shipment it's beneficial to order m,ultiple items at once. We do not ship tax paid and we cannot tell you how much tax and VAT you will pay.