Susbtainabilty is a the heart of We have been taking numerous measures to reduce, reuse and only if that's not possible: recycle. There a plenty of companies with b-corp and other labels that don't even recycle there waste properly, use non-rechargeable batteries, waste water, etc. So don't be fooled by them..

Our Lab and warehouse are 100% powered by renewable energy from the Netherlands (no grey energy with co2 compensation). We have a waterless urinoir, saving hundreds of liters of drinking water from being flushed away. We are free from gas and roast on (solar) electricity.

One of the most important steps you can take is to bundle orders and shop smart. Whatever big commerce is telling you, 5 deliveries with 5 packages is not as sustainable as 1  shipment. At we don't do drop shipping from different warehouses. is your one stop shop! That's why we call the webshop for smart people.

We offer over 2000 products so you can always add filters, coffee, tea, chocolate, presents, kitchen tools to your order. We even stock a bunch of products that the Coffee Nose wanted to share with you. Such as the best (and sustainable) deodorant he has ever encountered. Oatmeal for breakfast, vegan and organic proteins, etc. Don't miss the gifts section at

Why do you use plastic tape for my package when you claim to be sustainable? 

The brown paper tape has a sticky side, just like plastic tape. Plastic tape can be made from plant based plastics and be recycled. Paper tape cannot be recycled. At least for now we are not aware of any facility that recycles them.

We reuse packaging material that we receive from our suppliers. Some of our suppliers, like Moccamaster, do the same, so plastic wrap that was securing a pallet shipment can be reused twice before you receive it as packaging material to protect your product. If you receive a nice - one time use - paper packaging material with an online order you should wonder if your supplier is throwing away materials that are suitable for reusing (circular system) at the backdoor and getting a green image at the front door! 

If you cannot reuse the packaging a shipping material, please make sure it gets recycled!

No Greenwashing or Sjoemel-koffie

At we hate greenwashing and what we call in dutch sjoemel-koffie. Most of the supermarket coffees are not sustainable and the same goes for many online sellers that are in reality investor owned and have sleek marketing....and that's not to make the coffee farmers millionaires! 

If there is a lot of marketing and advertising from your coffee supplier there is a big chance that there are investors behind it and they are pushing out Small and Medium size Business that are way more sustainable also in terms of local economy, employing people in an honest and long term relationship, etc. So better support your local roaster than buy coffee from an online shop that is not that honest and caring afterall.

Even better than ordering coffee from (except of course if you live in the Amsterdam region) is to buy from a local roaster that sells traceable coffee and might even buy directly from the coffee farmers. Just ask us if you need help in finding your local supplier.