Found a better prices elsewhere?

We can probably match that price. Just contact us. 

If you found the same product on Bol or Amazon  for a lower price just contact us. At those sites "fee shipping" is included in each individual product so it will be smarter to pay for shipping just once especially if you order multiple products this will be the cheaper option for you. It's also more sustainable.

Pay more = lower price

In dutch this is "staffelkorting". It means that the price per item drops when you order multiple items. You get a discount for buying more. Often reserved for B2B wholesale customers at this also applies to private customers. So stock up on filters and find a coffee friend to buy stuff together and only pay shipping once. 

If your product doesn't show lower prices when you increase the number just contact us, we might not have gotten to set up the prices for your product. If you buy just one of each product but you have a full cart that could justify discount, just reach out and we can add discount to your quotation. 

Some products are priced very sharply and don't qualify for discount. Some people are very good at finding just a few cheap products and then asking for discount whilst not even adding coffee, tea or chocolate to their order. Please don't be an ... and understand that we can't apply discount on all products. Most books for instance are excluded.

Out of stock

If a product is out of stock we can probably order it for you or it might already be on order when you read this. Sometimes products still have to be booked in inventory and show as unavailable. Just contact us and we can place a backorder or tell you the ETA for new stock.

Webshop for smart people is a webshop for smart people. We offer a one stop shop where you can find everyhting you need. By making one order instead of ordering coffee, filters, a birthday present and tea from 4 different webshops (that lure you with "free shipping") you save on shipping costs per item, you receive only one package. Make us happy whilst caring for the environment and save money!

Why no free shipping ?  

Free shipping is unsustainable and untransparent. There is no such thing as free shipping. You always pay for free shipping through higher product prices. The easiest way to reduce shipping costs per item is to order multiple items and always add some coffee, tea, chocolate, filters, etc to your order. Pretty much like "free shipping from €75" only you are not on the loosing end of that marketing/neuroscience trick if your order happens to be €72 or €892 !