When you have an issue with your product contact us to validate if this could be covered by the (manufacturer) guarantee and we will instruct you further. The buyer is responsible for shipping charges. We will either repair your product, send a replacement, apply a discount or refund. Our guarantee policy complies with EU legislation and we apply the same policy towards customers outside of the EU however it does not apply to electrical products for usage outside of the EU as d ifferent countries have different electrical systems, with different voltage and frequency.  The guarantee period is two years for most products.

Normal wear and tear or damage caused during usage that doesn't comply with the product instructions does NOT fall under guarantee. For products that have an expiry date  the guarantee is void after expiration. 

For grinders and coffee machines (filter and espresso brewers) you need to maintain and clean them regularly. This includes decalcification. We have all the appropriate cleaning supplies (ask us if you are not sure what and how to use) and tools. Rubbers, silciones, and moving parts need regular cleaning and greasing. We supply food safe grease from Molykote and Haynes. Commercial use is exluded and for commercial equipment for professional use we advice you to use appropriate water filtration system to protect your equipment as well as training on use, cleaning and maintenance. This training is available via Amsterdam Coffee Lab or the Producer of the brand.

Guarantee Bol purchase

If you bought your product via Bol you need to register your purchase withing 14 days. If it was a present for another person make sure that the final user is aware and registers. This is necessary as we need to register the serial number and the buyer/end user. Bol doesn't share this data after 3 months due to privacy regulations (GDPR). If you don't register it could be you bought a simular product elsewhere or earlier (so the guarantee period has expired). We have to protect against such possible abuse of guarantee.

You can register your Bol purchase for guarantee here