How does the order process work?

1. Place your order

2. Receive your non-binding quotation including shipping costs

3. Add products from the optional products (optional step)

4. Confirm your quotation by signing it online

5. Receive a payment request 

6. Your payment has been received and will be confirmed in your account

7. Your order has been shipped and  trac king information will be shared in your account

8. Your invoice will be available for download in your account

We are often busy roasting, cupping coffees, training, teaching students, etc. So there could be delays in between the steps above. Please be patient.

If the shipping costs are to high and you do not wish to proceed please let us know or cancel/reject the quotation in your account so we don't keep products reserved for you. We do however encourage you to make an economical order so the shipping costs per item are acceptable.  Browse the site for Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Kitchen tools, Gifts & Merchandise, Spare parts, Filters, etc and/or team-up with coffee friends and make a joint order. 

If you are ordering for a company and want to pay afterwards by invoice let us know. 

We reccomend to use 2 factor euthentication for your account. In your account you will find your order information including serial numbers, lot numbers, history, payment information and invoices. Make sure to enter your VAT number for 0% VAT ICP orders inside the EU. For outside of EU orders VAT will be 0% automatically.

I did not receive a payment request yet?

We can be busy with cupping coffees, training and webshop orders. Please be patient. If your shipping costs have not yet been added to your quotation please wait with transfering money, it will not speed up your order as we will still need to receive the payment for shipping costs.


We like to keep our prices affordable and work in a transparent way. That's why you can pay by bank transfer to one of our European IBAN accounts without any charges from us (it could be your bank is charging you).

You can pay to any of our accounts. Just make sure that you always add the order number or invoice number as a payment reference so we can match your payment to your order.

Our IBAN Bank accounts:

NL - Knab IBAN: NL07 KNAB 0259 4937 91 BIC/Swift: KNABNL2H - 

BE - Wise IBAN: BE 41 9670 6466 4610 BIC/Swift TRWIBEB1XXX - 

DE - N26 IBAN: DE74100110012623006716 BIC/Swift NTSBDEB1XXX - Wouter Brunia 

Instant transfers:

With Wise we get a notification about your payment before it actually lands in our account.

With N26   you can send us an instant transfer by  Moneybeam with +31640414884. 

In NL Knab supports instant transfers. When your address is based in NL we usually send you an iDeal payment request (limited to 500 transfers).

Paying from abroad with a different currency:

If you are not paying from a euro account Wise is probably your best option: Transfers are fast and low costs with the best exchange rates. Via the Wise payment request you can also see the bank address if you need to provide this to make a transfer.

Will I receive a confirmation of my payment?   

Once we receive your payment we will add the note "paid" to your quotation or order so you can see it in your account. It can take a while before we have time to update. No need to send us screenshots from your transfer or ask us for confirmation if your payment has been received. Some banks are still very slow so it might take a while before the note "paid" is added to your order in your account.

Please note that we do not have time and do not prioritize to reply to questions about shipping or payment confirmation. If we have to reply to 50 questions per day we simply don't have enough time to actually send your package so please be patient!

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we will send you a payment link for Mastercard and Visa or a link from Wise or Mollie (that supports more cards). We will add the 3% commission that the payment providers charge to your payment request. In some cases you need to authorize a foreign payment first through your card issuer.

Can I pay with PayPal?

No, we do not work with PayPal as they do not meet our standards in privacy, customer service and ethics.

Do I have to install the Wise app?

No, you can copy paste the account information and initiate the bank transfer from your own banking website or app. Just click on the payment link for Wise and you will see this option.

Why don't you have automatic payment like "normal" websites?

We might add this later but most of our customers are companies and the payment providers always make it more expensive for everyone so we believe it's more fair if the customers pays the fees rather then increasing our prices for everyone for the sake of increased conversion. Ethics and the love of coffee, planet and people before money!

I want to pay via iDeal link why I don't get the link immediately?

You don't get an automated link as this would increase all prices with 3% (the commission we pay for automated iDeal payments). Instead we send the iDeal payment request directly from our bank. This also allows us to confirm the availability of all products you ordered and many people forget to add coffee to their order and ask to add products after the first payment which just doubles the work for us. 

If you don't have the patience to wait for the iDeal link you can easily make an instant transfer to our bank account (see above).

Will you only ship the order after payment has been received?

For our (repeat) customers that already signed the quotation online usually we ship immediately. Fraudsters also read this, so in case of suspicous activity we will obviously contact you first.

Can I pay with cash?

Yes of course, cash is still King! If you select warehouse pick up in Weesp you can pay by cash (cash & carry). Please bring the right amount as we do not store a lot of change. For Amsterdam Bike delivery it's the same although we don't accept larger amounts for the safety of our delivery drivers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!