Hario Water Dripper Wood Cold Brew - 600ml

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    description user-content HARIO WATER DRIPPER WOOD – COLD AND SMOOTH COFFEE Good things come to those who wait. The Hario water dripper will make you wait, as it takes much longer to brew coffee than an ordinary method. But who wants ordinary; when you can get the extraordinary cup of coffee using this fantastic water dripper. Once the brewing is done, you will able to enjoy a subtle and refreshing coffee taste. Add ice to complete the preparation of your drink. HOW DOES THE WATER DRIPPER WORK? This device works by adding the grounds into the middle chamber and pouring cold water into the top one. Extracting the coffee drop by drop the Hario water dripper works its magic for 5 – 7 hours, slowly but surely producing marvellous coffee. WATER DRIPPER EXPERIENCE It is quite exciting to brew less acidic coffee using this tower water dripper from Hario. It is relatively big in size (Height = 18 inches and Depth = 8 inches) comparing to other brewing methods - makes a striking addition to any kitchen, a real centre-piece and guaranteed talking point! IS THE WATER DRIPPER WORTH IT? Made of the highest quality Japanese heatproof glass, polypropylene and other materials such as stand made of wood and a stainless steel filter. The extravagant design will enhance any type of environment. An enjoyable, indulgent piece that will deliver exquisite cold brewed coffee for many years. HARIO WATER DRIPPER INCLUDES : 1x Water Dripper Drop-by-drop percolation Stainless steel filter Polypropylene glassware Wooden Stand Capacity of 2 to 6 cups desktop-only sharing social-links