Fellow Corvo EKG Electric Kettle Body Matte Black with Walnut Handle

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Brand: Fellow
Color: Black, Walnut
Size: 900ml

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This product is compatible with the EKG base. The Base is NOT INCLUDED.

Do not use with the EKG Pro, EKG Pro Studio, or Electic Clyde base or on a stovetop. For other colors and the Stagg EKG kettles only contact us. 

This is a replacement kettle in case of damage or an extra kettle if you want 2 kettles or have already a base with your Stagg EKG and want to use a Corvo on the same base.

Sometimes there is a waiting time but you can place a backorder for most colors. Note that not all products from the Fellow B2C USA website are available in Europe and the electricity voltage is different in the EU.

Product attributes 

Brand: Fellow 

Colour: matt black 

Capacity: 900 ml 

Height: 20 cm 

Depth: 17 cm