Clean Drop filter brewer cleaner (5 bags)

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Brand: Clean Drop
EAN: 7027850800126
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: 88115

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Clean Drop Cleanser is recommended by Moccamaster because it cleans in a mild and effective way, to remove dirt and all coffee residue.

Moccamaster advises to use a separate water jug for filling the water tank and not the coffee pot. Although you rinse the coffee pot, there is always something coffee in the jug and with that you pollute the machine in the long run.

Use Clean Drop cleanser regularly, to preserve your coffee maker and a great tasting coffee. It is recommended to clean the machine after 100x coffee brewing (1 pack of filters).

for use Fill a jug with 1 liter of water and add the contents of 1 sachet of CleanDrop. Pour it into the water tank and then run it through the device.
While going through, the solution cleans the device. After cleaning, rinse the machine 1 to 2 times with a full water tank.

Content: 5 sachets
Suitable for all filter coffee machines (Bonavita, Melitta, Moccamaster, Sage, etc) and manual filter coffee brewers (Aeropress, Chemex, French Press, etc). 

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