Chocolatemakers Awajun Melk 52% Milch - Lait (85gr)

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Brand: Chocolatemakers
Package: 85gr

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Bio Fairtrade donkere melkchocolade gemaakt met Criollo cacabonen uit Peru – Amazone. Description The cocoa of this bar is grown by the Awajún Indians. The Awajún are traditional hunters and collectors and live in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest in northeastern Peru. Cocoa originates from the rainforests of the Amazon. This Criollo cocoa thus comes directly from the birthplace of cocoa. With the income of this organic cocoa, the Awajún Indians can make a living and are not forced to make money by selling or cutting wood for agriculture and animal husbandry. This bar contributes to the conservation of the tropical rainforest and the development of sustainable cultivation of cocoa. De reep weegt ca.85 gram en is verpakt in vetvrij papier bedrukt met bio-inkt. Deze chocolade is een versproduct. De reep is 12 maanden houdbaar maar wij adviseren de reep binnen 3 maanden op te eten. KOEL en DROOG bewaren!  Weight: 0.085kg