Johan & Nyström - Bold Statement - Filter (250gr)

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Brand: Johan & Nyström
EAN: 7350145730977
Country: Brazil
Processing: Natural
Package: 250gr, 100% BPA free - recyclable plastic - 07
Roasted for: Filter & OMNI
Roasting date: 08.11.23
Region: Mocoa
Roast level: light roast
Expiration date: 08.05.24
Producer address: Lyftkransvägen 11 142 50 Skogås - Sweden

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Whole-bean specialty coffee  from Brazil  roasted by Johan & Nyström roastery from Sweden .  Light roast , perfect for filter coffee machines, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress, French Press and other pour-over brewing methods. You can expect all the qualities of coffee from Brazil: chocolate, hazelnuts, and sweet almonds.

Bold Statement

In this bag youĺl find a natural coffee with flavours of chocolate, hazelnut and cherry. The origin changes according to different harvest seasons but the deep bold flavours always remain.

The Flavor series 

This is where we truly elevate the natural flavours of each coffee. We work with some of the world's best coffee producers, many of whom are part of our Direct Trade program. The coffee comes from specific, often small, lots, and is always of the highest quality. The series ranges from safe and familiar to more adventurous and bold flavours.