Nuud Starter Pack

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Brand: Nuud
EAN: 8719326437163

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Starter Pack - the perfect introduction to nuud This is our Starter Pack. Perfect to start with. There is one tube of nuud in it with 15ml cream. Enough for an average of 7 weeks of naturally fresh armpits. Note: use a pea-sized nuud blob per armpit. That is really enough and so your armpits continue to breathe freely. The cardboard box is made of biodegradable cardboard and just fits through your mailbox. The tubes are made of 100% recyclable bioplastic from sugar cane. And maybe you've already ordered it, but in the Starter Pack there is room for one Magic Cap; with that you apply nuud without using your finger. That cap is also made of bioplastic from sugar cane, just like the tube. You have to order it here. 

Nuud for the first time People really fall in love with Nuud. But as with all love, in the beginning it is sometimes a bit of searching and getting used to. In the case of Nuud because sometimes you have to do or leave some things. Therefore, watch the video and learn everything about detox, lubrication frequency and stubborn bacteria so that love can flourish optimally.

De Starter Pack bevat genoeg nuud om twee oksels 6-7 weken zorgeloos en gelukkig te houden; een tube van bioplastic uit suikerriet met 15ml nuud, verpakt in een biologisch afbreekbaar kartonnen doosje.

Geen aluminium, geen geurstoffen, geen parabenen, geen onbetrouwbare chemicaliën, geen alcohol, geen microplastics, geen nanodeeltjes. Gewoon volledig natuurlijke, veganistische en dierproefvrije okselfrisheid.