Hario - Matcha Grinder

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Brand: Hario
Material: Ceramic

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With this ceramic grinder, you can grind tea leaves into a fine powder to make cold or hot tea, or sprinkle onto your favorite foods and desserts. Using the whole tea leaf in your foods and beverages allows you to enjoy the nutrition of green tea to the fullest! The mesh sifter filters out coarse tea leaves for a fine and even powder. The mesh also helps sprinkle your tea powder more evenly and beautifully. The lid and catch bowl are transparent, allowing you to observe your tea powder as you grind it. The shape of the catch bowl makes it easy to scoop out your tea powder. This grinder is fashioned to work like a classic stone mill, for the finest and smoothest green tea powder. Its hourglass shape allows for an easier grip during use. Made in Japan Producer: Hario