Molykote 111 Compound Grease Silicone - 6g

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Brand: Molykote

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Dow Corning 111 Molykote Valve Lubricant and Sealant Offers Versatility and Chemical Resistance Wide service temperature range (-40°c/-40°f to 200°c/392°f) Excellent water resistance NSF61 and NSF51 certified for use around potable water and foods and beverages, and has heat resistance up to 204°C (400°F).

This is what you need when maintaining and repairing your (EK43) grinder and other equipment.

FOOD FAT SACHET "MOLYKOTE 111COMPOUND" 6gr "NSF" 591675 Code Food lubricant. Property Approved by drinking water regulations Oxidation resistant Good thermal stability Good resistance to most chemicals Excellent water and moisture resistance Compatible with plastics and rubbers Low volatility ApplicationsProtection of O-rings and rubber and plastic gaskets Non-stick and sealant for gaskets and enclosures of electrical equipment: prevents gaskets from adhering to substrates and resists weathering and water leaching. Lubricant for taps and valves Sealant for vacuum and pressure systems Sealant for outdoor equipment subject to exposure to critical environments and washing: meters, electrical connections and underground connections.