teapigs Chai Tea - 15 Tea Bags

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Brand: Teapigs
Package: 15 bags

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Each tradesman, in every city and region of India offers their own version of Chai tea; aromatic and very spicy tea served with milk has been the favourite drink in India for hundreds of years. Product description Teapigs presents: rich Assam mixed with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cassia. Healthy drink of strong flavour beautifully reflecting colourful India . How does it taste? Bold Assam tea with a mixture of exotic spices, true taste of India. Drink it when you are half-asleep. This tea will boost the awake half, and give the sleepy half a real kick. Contains natural caffeine. Remember, no cheap tea powder will ever offer you such taste experiences as teas with selected whole leaves. Preparation: Infuse in hot water Brew for about 3 minutes: - Tea Bag - 1 per person. How we like it? Traditional Indian way, long-brewed, with milk and sugar (or honey). Recipe for chai latte: Warm up with a mug of chai latte. It is really easy to prepare! • Put 1 tea bag to a mug • Fill the mug up to 1/3 with hot water. • Add hot milk (preferably slightly frothed) and a hint of honey for flavour. • YUMMY! Product attributes Expiration date: 28.02.2025 EAN13: 5060136750021 Brand: teapigs Tea type: black Loose tea / Tea bags: in bags Package: 15 Tea Bags