Fellow - Carter Everywhere Mug - Corduroy Red - Insulated Mug 473ml

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Brand: Fellow

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Carter Everywhere Mug  it's an extraordinary insulated mug from Fellow. It is functional and delights the user with its design. Perfect choice for someone who has high demands towards the product. This mug was designed this way for you to enjoy the full aroma of your brew. Its thin lip was adjusted to mimic a Cabernet glass. It has a special ceramic coating, thanks to which the taste of the brew does not change. 

Product Description 

The most important features: 

- Capacity: 473 ml. 

- Material: stainless steel, ceramic. 

- It keeps hot temperatures for 12 hours and cold for 24. 

- 100% BPA free. 

- Leak-proof. 

- Fits all standard drippers and the AeroPress Coffee Maker (diameter 69 mm). 

- Handwash only. Not dishwasher safe. 

Product attributes

EAN13: 850014962593 

Brand: Fellow 

Colour: red 

Material: ceramics and stainless steel 

Capacity: 473 ml 


Diameter: 8,6 cm