Urnex - Nespresso Descaling & Cleaning Kit

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Brand: Urnex
EAN: 0754631708308
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: 25-CCP-UXN-KIT

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Nespresso single-use kit from Urnex allows you to descale and clean your capsule coffee machine. Product Description: It contains one cleaning capsule and one bottle of liquid descaler. The capsule removes coffee oils and residue from the spout, the liquid removes limescale. The capsule is biodegradable and compatible with Nespesso Original Line. Both the cleaner and descaler are odorless. https://youtu.be/a3T94KzwFH0 Instruction: 1.  Empty bottle into reservoir. 2.  Add water to fill the reservoir. 3.  Brew full reservoir. 4.  Discard remaining solution. 5.  Refill reservoir with water, brew full reservoir and discard 2 more times. 1.  Place cleaning capsule into machine. 2.  Brew largest cup (Size 2). 3.  Remove cleaning capsule from machine. 4.  Brew twice to rinse. Product Attributes: EAN13: 754631708308 Brand: Urnex