teapigs Darjeeling 15 Tea Bags

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Brand: Teapigs
Package: 15 bags

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Unique, pure, and refreshing Darjeeling tea. 

Product Description: 

Darjeeling tea without milk has an exceptional, pure, and refreshing taste. Traditionally drunk in the afternoon, tastes equally good in the morning straight from a chipped mug.

 Origin: Darjeeling is collected from the foothills of the Himalayas. How does it taste? Wow, wow, wow! This tea exudes elegance and freshness. Drink it when you feel scruffy; this tea is the ultimate, posh drink! Contains natural caffeine. Remember, no cheap tea powder will ever offer you such taste experiences as teas with selected whole leaves. 

Preparation: Infuse in hot water. Brew for about 3 minutes. 1 tea bag per person, brew for 3 minutes. 

How do we like it? No milk, if you need it to add just a drop; no unnecessary additions. 

Product attributes 

Expiration date: 02.04.2025 

EAN13: 5060136750267 

Brand: teapigs 

Tea type: black 

Loose tea / Tea bags: in bags 

Package: 15 Tea Bags