teapigs - Matcha On The Go - 14 sachets

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Brand: Teapigs
Package: 14 bags

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The box includes 14 sachets of teapigs Matcha. Take your favorite beverage wherever you want!

Are you looking for something that will give you energy, but you are not a fan of coffee? We have something for you. Highly concentrated green tea, perfect served cold or warm. Matcha will resurrect even the most tired. Great during heatwaves and when you need to concentrate and stimulate. To all of that Matcha has a great number of antioxidants - 137 times more than in traditional green tea.
Opis: Matcha is 100% natural, organic green tea. Thoroughly grounded, in form of very fine powder.
Japanese were first to consume green tea in this form more than 900 years ago. It is also used by Buddhist monks during long days spent on meditation.

This beverage from green tea is very popular in Japan among students that were preparing for their exams, because of its stimulating features.
Now, it started to gain popularity in Europe. You can find it in coffee shops, organic shops and bars.
Matcha is a superhero among teas. It is highly concentrated and full of everything that will energize you in safe and healthy way. Why teapigs matcha is the best?
Matcha is produced by many producers in the world, but not all of them are cultivated and harvested in right and appropriate way. Teapigs Organic Matcha is real, traditional matcha without any compromises.
Here are the reasons why Teapigs Matcha is the best:

Pure tea - This is top quality matcha, produced like every other product in different quality classes. Teapigs chooses only the best green tea leaves.
- It is 100% organic and has certificates of Swiss IMO and Japanese JONA. However, you can find Matcha on the market that is allegedly organic, but it has no certificates, so you can never be sure what kind of product are you buying.
- Matcha from Teapigs is produced only from leaves, without unnecessary additions and artificial fillers.

Way of production
- 3 layers of protection from light. Thanks to that we receive the maximal content of chlorophyll in leaves, which enhances the flavour and maximalizes the features of matcha.
- Precise harvest and sorting. It is sorted by qualified employees, which guarantees that only the youngest leaves are used in production of this matcha.
- It is grounded in traditional way by using granite burrs.
- Teapigs Organic Matcha is tested in laboratory to ensure that every batch is of top quality.
Contains natural caffeine. 
Remember that none cheap tea from tea powder will guarantee you this kind of taste sensations, like tea from whole and selected leaves. Brewing method:
Put the conent of the sachet on every portion of beverage and stir. 



How to make it taste the best? Experiment! In our opinion it composes very well with juice, for example fresh, cold orange juice is great.
If you are not a fan of green tea, but you appreciate the health benfits of matcha, make a shot! 

Matcha can be used as an addition to milk cocktails. 
One package contains 14 one gram sachets of Matcha - this amount will be enough to prepare 14 portions of matcha.