Ilsa Linea Easy Milk Picther 300ml Black for latte art

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Brand: Ilsa Italy
Color: Black
Size: 300ml

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Compared to a traditional stainless steel milk jug, the non-stick coated version is more suitable for an intense and professional use. The lower adhesion that the milk encounters against the internal wall of the jug means: more oxygen in the milk foam, which makes it thicker preparation time reduced cleaning is easier The shape of the mouth helps with Latte Art. The angle and shape of the handle allows an easy wrist movement. Non stick coated stainless stell 18/8 Tested and controlled in accordance to ILSA Italy quality standards. Made in China. ILSA was founded in 1946 under the company name of Industria Laminazione Stampaggio Alluminio (factory for rolling and pressing aluminum). The first ILSA-branded product to be launched was the Neapolitan coffee maker! ILSA is an internationally recognised company in the tableware, coffee maker, milk container and professional catering sectors. Quality and design is the motto for this family business! Stainless steel 18/8 Solid construction with thick steel body that quickly absorbs temperature for maximum milk expansion amd thicker milk cream Tapered spout ideal for performing latte art The angle and shape of the handle allows an easy wrist movement Black teflon coating Cleaning is easier