Tricolate Zero Bypass Coffee Brewer Transparent

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    The Tricolate is a zero-bypass coffee dripper. Developed and manufactured in Australia. What makes the Tricolate so special? - More coffee with less ground coffeeThe 80mm flat bottom gives a large surface area. This ensures that you can make more coffee with less ground coffee. - No gooseneck neededThis specially developed shower head, the water is evenly distributed over the coffee bed. - Easy to useFor the novice as well as the advanced barista. With little input and material, you can get the best out of the coffee bean. - More coffee with less ground coffeeA more efficient coffee extraction can be achieved, moistening all the ground coffee in seconds without having to stir. - No more dry coffeeThe vertical walls ensure that all coffee is always in all the water. - Laboratory-grade filter paperThe paper manufactured in Germany has a more consistent pore structure. This gives you less paper taste in your coffee. - Extract more coffee. The 80 mm wide flat bed increases the surface area and ensures a more even contact between water and coffee, resulting in a higher extraction. Taste coffee with better balance, sweetness and clarity.