Pentair Everpure Claris Filter Head 3/8''

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    The Everpure CLARIS filter heads are the basis of theEverpure Claris filtration systems range These systems and associated heads have been the reference of high-performance water filtration for years.To be used for Claris Carbonate Softeners - Claris ULTRA - Claris PRIME. 

    The "Quick connect" concept of the Everpure filter cartridges ensures that all important parts never come into contact with the environment during a filter change. With 1/4 turn, the filter cartridge is released while automatically (mechanically) the water flow IN and OUT is closed off.At the top of the head is a large flush valve, connected to adrain hose for venting - rinsing the cartridge 

    The DuoBlend bypass valve (7 steps) in the filter head can be individually - stable - adjusted according to the application with steam production (Coffee - Espresso) or without steam production (Vending) / Combi Steamer with boiler or Combi Steamer with direct injection, so that the capacity and performance of the filter cartridges are used to the maximum. The concept of filter cartridges also allows for a horizontal arrangement.