The AeroPress coffee maker (2023)

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Brand: Aeropress
Size: 250ml
Country: USA
Material: Rubber, Polypropylen
EAN: 0085276000855

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With the AeroPress Coffee Maker, the perfect mug, every time!

  • Smoother, grain-free coffee
  • Faster brewing - less than a minute!
  • Clean up in seconds
  • Small, lightweight, portable

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker consists of the following components:

  • AeroPress Original Chamber & Plunger
  • Dosing spoon
  • Stirring rod
  • 100 paper filters

AeroPress coffee makers are portable, practical and easy to use. Think of it as an espresso machine, drip coffee maker, and French press, all in one! Ditch bitterness and acidity and brew a rich, flavorful coffee wherever you are.
The AeroPress Original sets a new standard for coffee lovers who can make incredibly great-tasting coffee and espresso at home. The immersion brewing technology extracts most of the flavor and a microfilter made of paper ensures that no grains are left behind.

3 in 1 brewing:
The combination of immersion, air supply and pressure provides an extraordinary, unique aroma and versatility. Experiment with temperature, grind and immersion time to create your own 3-in-1 flavor - rich like espresso, smooth like a pour-over, and full-bodied like a French press.

Fast immersion:
Coffee presses usually don't have a filter function, but the AeroPress does. You can now use finer ground coffee, which is brewed faster and therefore contains less acidity, bitterness and grains.

Air pressure:
The unique plunge system uses gentle pressure to push water through the grind, aerating it and extracting only the purest, freshest aromas for a cup with a taste not usually found in coffee.


  • Weight:0.29kg
  • Length:113.00mm
  • Width:113.00mm
  • Height:200.00mm