Acaia Pearl Heat Resistant Pad Grey

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Brand: Acaia
Color: Grey

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Acaia Pearl heat resistant pad. Made from silicon, it protects the scale from heat and scratches. 


- Width: 163 mm 

- Lenght: 98 mm 

- Height: 20 mm 


Each Acaia PearlT already contains an AerialT heat resistant cushion in the package. (Pearly white with charcoal black / Pearl black with grey) 

Designed with a unique silicone striped structure that slows down heat transfer. The heat resistance is up to 200°C. 

The temperature affects the reading of a digital scale. We do not recommend placing a hot carafe on the precision scale without any protection. Constant use of the scale in direct contact with a hot carafe will cause permanent damage to your scale. This is considered a user error and is not covered by the warranty of our manufacturers. 

Flexible, non-slip silicone Unique shape and texture designed for portafilter support Protects your Acaia Pearl coffee scale from scratches and heat Available in Smokey Grey and Charcoal Black Heat resistant up to 392ºF If turned over, can be used as portafilter support.