Acids in Coffee Training Kit

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    A kit of acids to make a 1 liter solution.

    For sensory training and exercise.


    • malic
    • citric
    • lactic
    • phosphoric
    • tartaric
    • acetic

    Each vial has to be mixed with 1 liter of water. We recommend “soft” water with a low mineral content. Use 6 sterilised glass bottles of minimum 1 liter to store the acid solutions. Keep in de fridge tom prolong shelve life.

    Dilute with water to reduce the strenght and train your treshold. Also possble to add to brewed coffee for training purpose.

    This product is meant for trainers and students who already got the basic instructions on how to prepare acid samples. We always recommend to enroll for Sensory Skills courses or workshops at Amsterdam Coffee Lab before training with these kits yourself. 

    Caution: Always wear skin and eye protection when working with acids. These are highly concentrated acids and can burn your skin or eyes!