BrewJar Cold Brew Jar 1ltr

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    Discover a special form of coffee preparation with the BREWJAR. Cold Brew uses cold, crystal-clear water and gently extract the best aromas of coffee beans. Undesirable acids and bitter substances remain in the filter. Cold-extracted coffee (also known as "Dutch Coffee" or "Japanese Coffee") not only tastes more fruity and sweeter than hot-brewed coffee, it is also more digestible. Ice-cold, Cold Brew is a natural refreshment and works great in cocktails and long drinks, such as the non-alcoholic Cold Brew Tonic. Cold Brew is available in trendy bars and cafés - BREWJAR lets you enjoy it at home. Whether coffee lovers, bon vivants or explorers: with its clear design, well thought-out function and compact size, the BREWJAR will find a place for everyone. ⮞BREWJAR: A completely new coffee pleasure: cold, crystal clear water meets fresh coffee. The result contains only the best flavors of the coffee fruit. Cold Brew is refreshing, wholesome and fruity-sweet. ⮞Drink Cold Brew like a pro: Despite its low price, the BREWJAR leaves nothing to be desired: The double-layer stainless steel filter guarantees a particularly clear cold brew. With the adjustable valve you will achieve a perfect result with all coffees. And with its compact size, the BREWJAR even fits in the fridge. ⮞Get the best out of the bean: Coffee is actually a fruit with an unprecedented variety of tastes. Whether fruity, flowery or chocolaty, cold water and plenty of time, these flavors really bring out the best. So your BREWJAR provides for a completely new coffee pleasure. ⮞Natural refreshment, without calories: Although your fruity-sweet Cold Brew tastes so good, it has no calories. For that he contains a lot of natural caffeine. Coffee, water and your BREWJAR: that's all you need for your refreshing enjoyment. The finished Cold Brew can be hygienically stored in the Quattro Stagioni glass and lasts up to a week. Material Glas (Jar) Stainless Steel (Double Layer Filter) Silicone (Sealing Ring around the Filter) Dimensions & Weight BREWJAR XL – Glass volume: 1000 ml Product dimension: 11cm x 11cm x 17.5cm Sales Packaging (1 unit): 11,5cm x 11,5cm x 22,5cm; 0,69 KG Master carton (12 units): 45,4 x 34,2 x 19,7 cm; 9,3 KG