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Brand: Brown House
Package: 40 gr

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Matcha, or powdered green tea of the Tencha type, is probably the healthiest tea. It is made in a different way than leaf green tea. The leaves, still on the bush, mature shaded, covered with bamboo mats to protect them from the sun and to maintain the highest possible concentration of polyphenols. Immediately after harvesting, the leaves are steam sterilized and immediately dried. This raw material is then vacuum-packed and refrigerated until it is ground into a powder. Matcha is concentrated energy and maximum antioxidants. 

Product Description 

The organic tea garden of Jangwon on the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea grows not only traditional Korean varieties of tea, but also Japanese classics such as matcha. To make it, you need a special type of tea called tencha. It is a specialized tea production variant that is used exclusively for processing into matcha. 

Brewing method: Pour 100 ml of hot (75 degrees) or cold water over a teaspoon of matcha. Mix thoroughly and top up with 100 ml of the same water. Instead of water, you can also use a plant-based drink. 

Ingredients: Green tea powdered. 

Product Attributes 

Expiration date: 28.08.2023 

EAN13: 5904238829325 

Brand: Brown House & Tea 

Tea type: green 

Loose tea / Tea bags: loose Package: 40 g