Loveramics - 220 ml Classic Colour Changing Cupping Bowl Black

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Brand: Loveramics
EAN: 4891635813020
Size: 220ml
Material: Ceramic
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: C105-11B

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Colour changing, porcelain cupping bowl by Loveramics. Colour changing at particular temperatures provides better control over the cupping process. An essential training tool for every barista! - the colour change enables you to identify the temperature of the brew without many timers and thermometers, - modern and simple form, - 220 ml capacity, - turns white when you pour 95 degrees Celsius water, - turns light gray when the temperature drops to 70 degrees Celsius, - turns dark gray when the temperature drops to 55 degrees Celsius. Colour: black Material: porcelain Capacity: 220 ml