Cafflano Kompresso Coffee Maker

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    Cafflano Kompresso is a portable, durable, and easy to use espresso brewer. Have a perfect espresso at home or wherever you go! 


    - lightweight (less than 200g) and compact (17cm high) - perfect on the go, 

    - stainless steel filter - no need to use and remember about paper filters, 

    - brew 40 - 80 ml of thick, creamy espresso at a time, 

    - 9-bar pressure 

    - intuitive and easy to use, 

    - simple maintenance - cleaning with running water is enough. 


    All materials are food-grade and BPA free. Cafflano is made of polypropylene, PES, PETG, silicon, and stainless steel. 

    How to use it? 

    1. Pour 10 - 15 grams of finely ground coffee into the brew basket and tamp it with the tamping scoop. 

    2. Assemble the chamber with the shower screen, the filter basket, and the cup. 

    3. Pour 40 - 80 ml of hot water into the chamber. 

    4. Wait 30 seconds and press. The brew is ready! 

    Product Attributes 

    Brand: Cafflano 

    Width: 10 cm 

    Height: 17 cm