Chemex 8 Cup Wood Neck Coffee Maker

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    Chemex range of coffee makers are elegant and beautifully designed. But best of all they brew a great cup of coffee. 

    The Chemex Coffee Maker is a simple, timeless piece of art for brewing delicous coffee. Made from high quality glass the Chemex coffee maker has featured in movies and museums all over the world. 


    The Chemex Coffee Maker is easy to use with the Chemex Filter Papers. Grind you coffee, pour hot water over coffee and it filters through the paper resulting a clean, delicious coffee. Looks great in your kitchen or on your dining table. A real talking point over dinner or breakfast. 

    Features and Benefits: 

    The 8 cup model pictured here is great for making up to 900ml of brewed coffee. 

    The wood collar is held on by a piece of tanned leather. 

    Easily removed it can then be placed in the dishwasher. 

    If looked after it will give years, decades of use. We have filter papers and accessories available. 

    Don't forget to add papers or a filter to your basket. Eight Cup Classic CHEMEX®