Chemex - Funnex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

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    Great s funnex is a coffee brewing dripper created by Chemex brand. Perfect for brewing up to 450ml of coffee at home. 

    Product Description 

    Funnex has the form of a dripper and can be used on various types of cups, mugs, jugs or thermos flasks. 

    The Funnex is similar in shape to the classic Chemex brewer. The one-piece hourglass-shaped vessel is made of high-quality heat-resistant glass. The glass from which Funnex is made does not absorb odors, and thus in no way affects the taste of the brewed coffee. Double walls protect your hands from heat. A silicone pad protects the surface between the Funnex and the server. 

    Preparing your favorite coffee with the Funnex Coffee Maker is extremely easy and takes 4-6 minutes. Apart from Funnex, you only need paper filters and good coffee, which is poured over with hot water (6-7 g of coffee per 100 ml of water). 

    Funnex is compatible with 3-cup Chemex filters (FP-2 and FP-2N). Dishwasher safe. Made in the United States. 

    Product Attributes 

    EAN13: 0028068001531 

    Brand: Chemex 

    Material: glass 


    Diameter: 10,8 cm