Coffee Atlas of Ethiopia

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    In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee drinking, coffee is more than a bean or a beverage—it’s an entire world. This atlas of Ethiopian coffee features the central elements of coffee production in Ethiopia, from detailed studies of the coffee plant to a large-scale view of its cultivation across Ethiopia. The book provides maps not only of the forests and farms where the bean grows, but the transportation networks that bring this coveted crop to the world. With single-origin coffees on the rise, this book will be a fascinating read to coffee geeks and industry insiders alike. Uitgever: Royal Botanic Gardens (5 april 2018) Taal: Englisch ISBN-10: 9781842466605 ISBN-13: 978-1842466605 ASIN: 1842466607 Productafmetingen: 21 x 1,8 x 29,8 cm