Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production - Jean Nicolas Wintgens 

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    (Engels) Paperback – 6 juni 2012 An outstanding and currently the only comprehensive handbook for the coffee-professional. 40 authors from the leading coffee-growing countries present the most recent technologies applied to coffee husbandry. The book features 900 carefully selected illustrations, 300 of these in full color, which substantiate the written text. The handbook provides basic guidelines and recommendations which are applicable everywhere rather than referring to any specific country. Added to this, the reader will find numerous data tables and an overview of relevant information sources. Taschenbuch: 1040 pagina's Uitgever: Wiley-VCH; 2. aktualisierte editie (6 juni 2012) Taal: Englisch ISBN-10: 9783527332533 ISBN-13: 978-3527332533 ASIN: 3527332537 Productafmetingen: 17,3 x 5,3 x 23,9 cm Coffee is, after wheat and sugar, the third most important food commodity - A business worth over 17 billion USD per year and employing some 125 million people worldwide. Written by the leading experts in the trade and endorsed by both the International Coffee Organisation and the Specialty Coffee Organization of America, this is the single most comprehensive, practice-oriented guidebook for coffee professionals, covering the entire value chain from grower to roaster. Following on the success of its predecessor, this second edition now features the impact of coffee production on the environment, the botany, genetics and genomics of coffee and bean quality assessment. On 1,000 pages divided into three distinct parts, forty authors from the leading coffee-growing nations present the latest technologies applied to coffee husbandry, covering methods of coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage, and economics. This scientific handbook is unique in incorporating recent research on the coffee plant, its pests and diseases, biotechnological methods for improving breeds as well as updated primary processing. Last but not least, with more than 800 carefully selected, mainly color illustrations, 160 tables and a 100-page appendix packed with data, this is a universally reliable manual, providing basic guidelines and recommendations for coffee producers, traders and researchers everywhere.