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This product is on order as we want to ensure freshness and we often sell them as indivdual capsules rather then the whole pack. Contact us to order this product as stock might show "out of stock". It's available to order!

A Coffee Sensory Training Kit containing all 24 aligned World Coffee Research Flavours. (Naming below follows WCR conventions) Each kit contains one pack of the following flavour standards. - Peapod (FlavorActiV Acetaldehyde) - Acetic - Almond - Apple - Bitter - Butyric - Coconut - Petroleum (FlavorActiV's Diesel / Motor Fuel) - Fermented - Fresh (FlavorActiV's Freshly Cut Grass) - Musty/Dusty (FlavorActiV's Geosmin) - Floral (FlavorActiV's Geraniol) - Grape - Jasmine (FlavorActiV's Indole) - Isovaleric - Phenolic (FlavorActiV's Medicinal) - Mouldy/Damp (FlavorActiV's Musty) - Papery - Brown Spice (FlavorActiV's Phenolic) - Pineapple - Salty - Sour - Vanilla - Musty/Earthy (FlavorActiV's) Wet Earthy Each pack contains 5 flavour standard capsules. FlavorActiV's GMP Flavour Reference Standard Acetic has undergone evaluation by the same research team behind the first World Coffee Research Lexicon, and has been approved for inclusion within the latest World Coffee Research Lexicon as a validated coffee flavour reference. In early 2014, together with two of the coffee industry’s leading organisations, FlavorActiV developed and launched an advanced Calibrating Coffee Sensory Plan to provide cupper training, cupper calibration and coffee tools throughout the coffee supply chain. In 2016 FlavorActiV partnered with World Coffee Research to validate the use of FlavorActiV's GMP Flavour Standards as reference standards within WCR's lexicon. FlavorActiV's Acetic is of the 24 validated flavour reference standards. FlavorActiV GMP compliant flavour reference standards can be added to alomst any liquid to impart a real flavour, off-note, or taint that's safe to both smell and taste. The flavour standards are sold individually in packs of 5 capsules, each capsule separately blister packed to provide flavour protection and prolonged shelf life.  Production adheres to strict pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality controls. FlavorActiV's dedicated GMP Flavour Centre is certified and regulated by the UK Government’s Medicine Regulatory & Healthcare Product Agency (MHRA) to a standard which far exceed ISO 9001, ISO 17025 or any food grade certification.