Hario Cafe Press Double Glass - Olive Wood - 400ml

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Brand: Hario

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Heat-resistant traditional French Press with an elegant handle made of olive wood. Double glass walls prevent excessive and fast cooling of coffee and eliminates the problem of burning your hands during the brewing process. Product description This elegant and extremely useful device allows you to brew your favourite coffee for you and your loved ones (it allows you to brew 4 cups of black brew) as well as tea. You can also use Cafe Press to froth milk for cappuccino or latte. How to do it? The most important thing is heated milk (but not boiled, it should be about 60-65 degrees as it is the sweetest and easy to froth). After pouring milk into French Press, whisk the milk quite vigorously using the plunger for about a minute. Pull the plunger and mix, gently tap the jug on the table so as not to separate milk and froth, then pour the milk into the cup of your ready coffee and enjoy the taste of delicious cappuccino in the comfort of your home! Product attributes EAN13: 4977642221901 Brand: Hario Colour: brown Capacity: 400 ml Height: 22,4 cm Diameter: 12,8 cm