Dripbox Vacuum Coffee Jar with Spoon

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    The DRIPBOX Give your coffee a home! In our vacuum coffee can made of borosilicate glass, your coffee beans stay fresh for a long time. Whether whole bean or freshly ground: the vacuum protects your coffee from oxidation, moisture and bad odours. The pump is integrated into the lid of the patented DRIPBOX and is particularly easy to use. The lid and bottom of the DRIPBOX are matched to each other so that several DRIPBOXES can be stacked. The DRIPBOX comes with a dosing spoon made of edsteel of type 304. It holds 15 ml. guide Close: Press the large middle pump button down until the button stays down and can hardly be moved. Open: Before opening, you must let the vacuum escape by pressing the small button. You hear a hissing noise. Cleaning: The glass of the DRIPBOX and the coffee spoon are dishwasher safe. You can clean the lid with a damp cloth. Please do not immerse it in water. This is what the DRIPBOX offers Scope of delivery: Vacuum can (glass vessel, vacuum lid), coffee spoon Dimensions: 17 cm (height) x 10.9 cm (diameter) Capacity: 1.2 litres (approximately 500 g coffee) Maximum vacuum strength: -30 kPa (low pressure lasts a maximum of two weeks) Care: Glass and coffee spoon dishwasher suitable