Dripster Round Steel Filter

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Use the Dripster Filters for the Unique Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which is an ideal domestic coffee maker. To ensure a perfect even brew and even saturation, Dripster has custom developed Paper and Stainless Filters for use. Choose between a Reusable stainless filter or single use Paper Filters (x100). Dripster Filters Feature Perfect Fit – Custom developed to fit the Dripster Cold Brew tower. Clean taste – Even saturation will ensure your coffee is evenly extracted for the best taste. This product includes Dripster Filters The Specifics table-wrapper Materials Paper / Stainless Steel DRIPSTER FILTERS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH  DRIPSTER COLD BREW COFFEE MAKER Available Styles: Paper Filter Pack (100 pk) Stainless Reusable Filter