Fellow Ode Brew Grinder White - Gen 1

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Brand: Fellow
Color: White

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White Fellow Ode is finally here! Fellow Ode is an automatic coffee grinder for pour-over brewing methods. Prepare your V60, Chemex, AeroPress and whatnot! The grinder includes new 1.1 burr version. 

Product Description 

Why is it perfect for you? 

*    Precise and easy grind adjustment ⇒ grind coffee for pour-overs, French Press, cold brew and other brewing methods 

*    Large 64mm, flat, stainless steel burr v 1.1. ⇒ even and quick grinding guaranteed 

*    Minimal, industrial design and high-quality materials ⇒ looks great 

Fellow Ode combines great design with functionality: 

*    The grind adjustment wheel is located on the front dial. You can choose one of 31 settings, depending on the brewing method you use: AeroPress, dripper, Chemex, French Press, or Cold Brew. 

*    Ode includes professional-grade, large, 64mm, flat, stainless steel burrs that provide even grinding on every setting. 

*    PID System guarantees stable and smooth work. 

*    Automatic shut off. The motor will turn off automatically after grinding. The system detects when the hopper is empty and turns off the grinder. 

*    The hopper holds up to 80 grams of coffee beans - designed as a single dose hopper. 

*   The grounds container is made of aluminum. A magnet on it bottom makes it easy to place the container on the base of the grinder. A knocker known from professional grinders helps to get rid of all the grounds - in result, the retention of the grinder is extremely low. 

*    The body is elegant and solid, made of aluminum and plastic. 

*    Small dimensions allow you to place the grinder almost anywhere. 

*    Dimensions (D x W x H) 23,9 cm x 10,5 cm x 24,1 cm. 

*    220V, EU plug. 

Industrial design combined with high-quality materials: 

Convenient wheel for grind adjustment and a magnetic grounds holder:  

Single dose hopper is a great solution togeher with the system that stops the engine when there are no beans left: 

Product attributes

EAN13: 840228800422 

Brand: Fellow 

Colour: white 


Grinder type: automatic 

Burr type: steel 

Number of grinding steps: 

Hopper capacity: 

Width: 10,5 cm 

Height: 24,1 cm 



Power [W]: 150