Geosmin (dry earth) - Musty / Dusty - FlavorActiV

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    description FlavorActiV Sensory Terms Dry earth Dusty Fresh rain Cause of Flavour A source water contamination - this taint can be imparted to raw water used for production. It can enter into final products for all beverage types due to this. Musty / Dusty is created due to spores created by bacteria in soil. Water rehydrates these and then imparts the Musty / Dusty flavour. Other Information Musty / Dusty is commonly recognised as the fresh rain smell after a period of dryness - due to the fact that rain releases Musty / Dusty in soil due to bacterial spores residing there. WCR/SCA Musty/Dusty is referred to be FlavorActiV as Geosmin