Glass Pipettes 10 ml - 4 pack

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Material: Glass

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Clear glass dropper counter, corrosion resistant and scalable. Suction loop made of high quality silica gel, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Precision Pipette - The glass pipette has a precise surface scale for easy measurement of liquids. The kit contains 4 pipettes of 10 ml, accuracy to 0.2 ml to meet your measurement needs. Easy to clean: these dropper counters are removable, you can take off the blue buckle to clean the pipette, then let it air dry, easy to clean and Reusable. Wide application: suitable for laboratory, medicine, food, biology, schools, etc. Perfect for accurate transfer and dosing of liquids. 

10 ml glass pipettes, total length 24.5 cm, the glass tube is 20 cm long. Enough length and quantity for your use. 

This is what the CoffeeNose used for Covid cuppings at Amsterdam Coffee Lab. Contamination free cupping with an easy to clean and reusable pipet. For refractometry we recommend the 1ml glass pipettes.