HM Digital BTR-1000 Coffee refractometer

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Brand: HM Digital

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Met de refractometer koffie wordt snel de TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) gemeten. Daardoor is eenvoudig de ideale waarde voor de koffie bepalen. We will give you a free product instruction at Amsterdam Coffee Lab! Recommended add on products are: (glass)pipets, alcohol wipes and distilled water drop bottle. When measuring a sample we obtain a precise number of solids dissolved in the prepared coffee (TDS).

 This refractometer is being used by the CoffeeNose during Lab tests and training at Amsterdam Coffee Lab.

Best price/quality level. Comes with free silicone cover, free lens cover and free app!

BTR-1000 (Coffee)

The Smart Digital Refractometer that is always ready.


Measurement Units: Brix, TDS, Temp.
Measurement Range: Brix: 0.0% ~ 26.0%/TDS:0.0% ~ 23.0%/Temp:0 ~ 70℃
Resolution: Brix: 0.01% / TDS: 0.01% / Temp.: 0.1℃
Accuracy: Brix: ±0.20% / TDS: ±0.20% / Temp.: ±1.0℃
Tempertaure Compensation: ATC(10℃~60℃)
Backlight: Automatic Brightness Control (20 seconds)
Auto Shut-Off: After 2 minutes
Measurement Time: within 5 seconds
Idle Sample Volume: 0.5ml
Usage Enviroment: 10 ~ 40℃
Power Source: 1.5V x 2 AAA Alkaline
Size: 58(W) X 36(D) X 122(H)mm
Weight: 95g (excluding Batteries and detachable cover)