ILSA Moka Pot Omnia Express Induction 6 Tazza/Cups

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Brand: Ilsa Italy
Size: 35cl - 350ml
Material: SS

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Coffee makers & espresso machines Napoletane. Born in southern Italy, where it is also known as "a cuccumella", the napoletane flip coffee maker is the symbol of Italian coffee consumers. Making coffee with the napoletana is a ritual used as a symbol of hospitality and conviviality. 

Napoletana's coffee. 

Coffee made with the napoletana is characterized by an aromatic taste and slight consistency. 


The napoletana device consists of: water chamber filter fitting and filter hood casting chamber and lid. Fill the lower chamber with water to half an inch from the steam nozzle on the side of the room. 

Fill the filter area in the middle of the room with ground coffee. After tightening the filter cap, the filter is carefully placed on the water chamber as a whole. Finally, place the pouring chamber on the top of the brewer, with the handles in the correct position. At that point, remove the napoletane from the stove and quickly turn it over to grip firmly through the handles. The water will seep through the coffee grounds. The brewed coffee is then collected in the casting chamber. When the percolation procedure is over, remove the water chamber and filter connection and put the lid on the serving area before pouring.