IMS - AeroPress Fine 150 Micron Filter

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Brand: IMS
Material: SS

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IMS AeroPress 150 Micron Fine Filter is a Reusable filter designed specifically for AeroPress® Coffee Maker. This version has densely arranged fine holes. 

Product description 

Its stainless steel structure develops a denser body of the brew than in the case of paper filters, as there are more oils transferred from the bean. The use of a stainless steel filter is also pr-ecological. It eliminates the need for access to disposable paper filters (excellent solution if you brew a large amount of coffee daily, e.g. in cafes or when travelling). 

Thickness: 0.10 mm 

External diameter: 62 mm 

Hole diameter: 0.15 mm 

Number of holes: 39780 

Product Attributes 

Brand: IMS 

Material: Stainless steel