Johan & Nyström - Bourbon Jungle - 500gr

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Brand: Johan & Nyström
Size: 500gr
Varietal: Bourbon
Roasting date: 05.09.2023
Roast level: Dark Roast

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Background for this blend comes from the longing for a real dark roasting of high-quality coffee beans. Although the beans are dark roasted, they keep their clear and intense aroma. This coffee has a smoky flavour with a slight hint of sweetness and loads of fruit notes. 

Product Description 

Thanks to the experience in the dark roasting of coffee, the beans still retain most of their aromas. Its aftertaste is clear and remains for a long time. This coffee is perfect for a Dripper, French Press, Moka coffee maker and the traditional espresso brewing method. 

This edition consists of: 

- Brazil Primavera 

- El Salvador Menendez 84 

- Burundi Aahore Blend 

- Burundi Long Miles Gaharo EX 

Product Attributes

Roasting date: 21.04.2021 

Expiration date: 27.01.2022 

EAN13: 7350045060389 

Brand: Johan & Nyström 

Package: 500 g 

Whole bean / Ground Coffee: Whole bean 

Arabica / Robusta: 100% Arabica 

Roast level: dark 

Brewing method: Pour over and espresso