Kalita Wave 185 White Filter Papers Box (50pcs)

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    The Kalita Wave series is a highly desiribale design for coffee brewing. With its unique flat bottom shape and three hole design work in tandem to provide a even extraction of the ground coffee bed. Getting you close to the perfect cup as possible. The Wave can be placed on your favourite mug or server to brew into. The 185 model can make up to 750g of brewed coffee. The Kalita Wave 185 white filter papers fit perfectly for the not Neutral Gina glass dripper and Kalita Wave 185 Dripper. These flat bottomed filter papers will have you making delicious coffee in no time. Kaila wave 185 filters are made of high quality paper, with both material and shape designed to pull impurities out of the grounds and leave you with a pure, delicious cup of Coffee.