Johan & Nyström - Perduras Peru Filter 500g

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Brand: Johan & Nyström
Country: Peru
Varietal: Arabica
Package: 500gr
Roasted for: Filter & OMNI
Certification: BIO organic
Altitude: 1700 - 2300 m a.s.l.
Roasting date: 21.03.2023, 11.09.2023
Region: Incahuasi
Roast level: Dark Roast

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Whole-bean specialty coffee  from Peru , roasted in Sweden by  Johan & Nyström . Dark filter roast , perfect for filter coffee machines, drippers, Chemex, AeroPress, and other pour-over brewing methods. In the brew, you can expet the notes of caramel, nougat, and red apples.

Dark Roast for filter coffee machines such as Moccamaster, Bonavita, Melitta, Sage, etc. Also suitable for manual brewing, Chemex, French Press, Aeropress, Bialetti, moka pot,etc and cold brew. 

If you are new to specialty coffee and used to dark roast from the super market this blend will suit you well: more rounded and smooth flavor, no stomach acids and bitterness anymore. Also the farmers get an honest pay and the whole production and packaging is more sustainable.