Johan & Nyström - Verde Espresso 500g (BIO-organic)

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Brand: Johan & Nyström
Package: 500gr
Roasted for: Espresso
Certification: BIO organic

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If you have ever experienced espresso in one of the small coffee bars in southern Italy, especially in Naples, you know what it means to taste espresso. 

Blend  of whole-bean specialty coffee  roasted by Johan & Nyström roastery from Sweden . The blend consists of 84% Arabica and 16% Robusta.  Dark roast , best for espresso machines and moka pots. Well-balanced sweetness and bitterness. Great as a black coffee as well as with milk.

The presence of Robusta in our blend gives the coffee a strong character and an earthy taste, combined with a delicate hint of cocoa and long-lasting acidity. 

Product description The blend contains: - Uganda Robusta Kaweri Plantation - Brasilien Mogiana Coop - El Salvador Las Delicias Estate - Nicaragua Royal 

Brewing recommendation: 

Dose: 19 grams 

Temperature: 90 degrees Celsius 

Time: 22 - 27 seconds 

Quantity: 55 ml 

Product attributes 

Roasting date: 12.12.2022 

Expiration date: 12.12.2023 

EAN13: 7350045060365