Kruve - EQ Glass - (replacement) glass - Inspire

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Brand: Kruve
EAN/GTIN/barcode: 0647356245510
Package: 1 pcs
Material: Glass
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: KVQ1001EI

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If you need a replacement glass or just want 1 glass instead of the standard set of 2 glasses.

Kruve is a company that revolutionizes the world of coffee. It searches for new and innovative solutions, which allow you to get from the brew all of its best. Another project of this Canadian company is a special line of glass vessels - EQ . Their role is to enrich and harmonize the flavour. Just how different varieties of wine need suitable glasses, just as much coffee needs an appropriate frame. 

The set of two  Inspire  glasses will take your breath away with its futuristic design and extraordinary features. Double-walls keep the temperature of the beverage, yet they stay cool to the touch. Simultaneously the rim is thin and single-walled, so it is comfortable to drink. Their unique shape affects the flavour balance and brings out the aroma. 

Clear glass, from which it was made, allows you to see the colour of the brew and its texture. With this product, Kruve once again takes the coffee world to a higher level! Product description 

The Inspire glass (150 ml) has a narrow inner space and two times smaller surface area. This reduces air exposure, focuses the aroma, while enhancing acidity. Perfect for fruity, light roasts with very citrusy notes. 

Additional features: 

- material: hand-blown borosilicate glass, 

- practical capacity: 150 ml (5 oz), 

- height: 155 mm, 

- width: 98 mm, 

- dishwasher safe though handwash is recommended. Avoid High temperature and long (eco) programs in dishwasher.

The EQ line was appreciated by Speciality Coffee Association. During Speciality Coffee Expo 2019, Kruve has won two awards: 2019 Best New Product Award 2019 Design Lab Award Product attributes